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Brooks Koepka Maybe (Definitely) Just Fired Some Shots At Bryson DeChambeau On Twitter

Who could Brooks Koepka POSSIBLY be referring to with that gif choice? Really hard to say. Let's try and narrow it down. Is there any one out there who has gone after a cameraman recently while also gaining 40 pounds of muscle in a very very short period of time? Anyone? Do any names come to mind? Hmmmm I don't know. I gotta be honest, I'm stumped. I'm properly stumped. You just gotta hope that whoever Brooks is referring to with that gif isn't hyper aware and hyper sensitive about their public image (some might call it a #brand) and doesn't take slights like that personally. Because it'd be a real shame if that person got upset and fired back at Brooks and this turned into another saga between the two of them. A real shame indeed.

(This. Mother. Fucking. League.)