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Aaron Judge Talking Like a New Yorker Is Everything I've Ever Needed

Aaron Judge the funny man! That whole video was spot on and if you disagree I hope you walk into a door today. Nothing that will injure you, but enough to make you feel stupid. Those are the rules. 

That my friends is the face of Major League Baseball. It's not some guy in California who talks about the weather. It's Aaron Judge. The guy who can't walk 5 feet in any city without being stopped for a picture and an autograph (pre-corona). 

Not only is he funny and charismatic, but he's healthy!

There is no one, and I mean no one, more must-watch in the current game of baseball than Aaron Judge when he's got it going. By the way I'm going to be live again on Instagram tonight for the Yankees intrasquad game. Gerrit Cole on the bump. Follow along here !

16 days.