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We Came About 1 Second Away From Seeing Masvidal/Usman Early Yesterday

The UFC employees in that room whose only job was to keep Jorge Masvidal and Kamaru Usman apart, no matter the circumstances:


If you need a refresher, this is what happened the last time Jorge Masvidal and Kamaru Usman were in a room together.... 

You may roll your eyes at that clip and go, "Bob, they're doing the 'HOLD ME BACK!' thing to sell a fight!" - but I promise you, Jorge Masvidal will throw hands on sight, and shouldn't be underestimated or left unattended near his rivals ever again after the Leon Edwards incident....

I mean - "Street Jesus" literally used to roll into backyards ready to throw hands sight unseen with the meanest guys Kimbo Slice could find….

I don't think Usman would have any issues scrapping in that hallway either - there's obviously legitimate bad blood there - so let's just thank our lucky stars that everything aligned the way it did, and everyone got outta that place unscratched. If these two badasses caught even a glimpse of each other they woulda tore the building it to the ground in my eyes, like an epic Peter Griffin vs The Chicken fight….

God, I love Family Guy. 

Just a few more days, ladies and gentlemen!