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Now We've Gone And Pissed Off Tom Hanks: "I Don't Know How Common Sense Has Somehow Been Put Into Question"

Tom Hanks was on The Today Show this morning talking about his new WWII flick, Greyhound. It was his first live television interview since he was diagnosed with COVID-19 and when asked if the virus had any lasting side effects, he couldn't help but compare the Corona crisis to the war. 

"What has lingered here is this societal question of doing our part. 

Not everything I say has to be tied back to our war efforts during WWII, but there was a sensibility that permeated all of society which was, "do your part, we're all in this together."  And that meant there was a tiny bit of stuff that you could do in order to aid the ongoing statuses of an effort that had no signs of its conclusion. WWII went on for an awfully long time - a big portion of everybody's lives. They didn't know that it was going to come to an end, and we don't know what's going to happen with COVID-19."

Tom Hanks is one of those people that just gets it. He's been famous for forever, yet, he's somehow managed to maintain a deep sense of normalcy and humanity that makes me believe whatever he says. Whatever the situation, whatever the circumstance, when Tom Hanks speaks, I listen. 

And in this case, we should all listen because we don't know shit. We don't know when this will all be over. We could be in the middle, at the end, or in the beginning of this mess - there's no way of knowing. All we can control is what we can control: our actions. 

"The idea of doing one’s part should be so simple: wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands. That alone means you are contributing to the betterment of your house, your work, your town, your society as a whole. 

And it's such a small thing. I don't… it's a mystery to me how somehow that has been wiped out of what should be ingrained in the behavior of us all. Simple things. Do your part.

This might be one of the only times I've seen Tom Hanks aggravated. He had the virus, survived it, and now has to step back and witness COVID-19 cases rise at incredible rates in certain parts of the country, primarily as a result of their citizens refusing to wear masks. 

My home state of Texas is one of these places and it comes as no surprise considering the stories I've heard from family members. My stepdad says at least 80% of the people he's seen in grocery stores are maskless. My teenage cousins refuse to wear masks because they think they look stupid, none of their friends wear them, and they don't see the point. One of my uncles and his buddies all believe it's a government conspiracy to invoke fear into all of us and infringe upon our freedoms, lol.

No wonder Hanks is pissed!

"Look, there's no law against ignorance. It's not illegal to have opinions that are wrong. I think you flout a number of realities when 2 and 2 don't add up to 4… There's a darkness on the edge of town here, folks. Let's not confuse the fact it's killing people. 

Ok, you can argue what the numbers are. "Eh, it's not killing that many." "The numbers have gone down." Yeah, that's right, it's killing people. And you can say, "Well traffic accidents kill people an awful lot of people too." Traffic accidents happen because a lot of drivers aren't doing part: they're not using their turn signals, they're driving too fast, they're not paying attention to their environment.

I don't know how common sense has somehow been put into question in regards to this."

Can Tom Hanks just take over the world already?