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Could UFC Champ Israel Adesanya Possibly Fight In A Sold-Out New Zealand Stadium This Fall?

Soooo, I don't know how many of you know this, but New Zealand is pretty much back to normal as far as the whole COVID-19 pandemic thing goes. From what I understand, there are in the country, they've got borders on lockdown (with a strict quarantining requirement for those actually allowed to travel in/out)....

....and they're absolutely thriving! The government lifted its ban on all mass gatherings last month, and the New Zealand Super Rugby League is selling out stadiums full of rabid fans as we speak. They're mad fer it!

Obviously, we all know that Paulo Costa is next for UFC Middleweight Champ - and New Zealander - Israel "The Last Stylebender" Adesanya, and we know that the champ is looking at September as a realistic timeframe to make that happen, with his head coach Eugene Bareman recently telling Submission Radio….

“We’re good to go. We’re just waiting on them. September. September’s good for us. If the UFC want to put the fight on, then we want it. Yeah, let’s push for September. It would give us enough time to get ready. A lot of the other noise to do with coronavirus and stuff would have calmed down. Let’s do it in September. Send the contract over and we’ll get it done.”

….so could the UFC pull something like this off?! Adesanya vs Costa in New Zealand this September?!

Dan Hooker just engaged in that waaar with Dustin Poirier last week, and UFC Featherweight Champ Alexander Volkanovski has to get thru Max Holloway this weekend on Fight Island before he thinks about ANYTHING in the future, but maybe you could give those dudes a fat paycheck to pull off a couple quick-turnarounds and just stack the card with Australians/New Zealanders?! I bet Megan Anderson and Tui Tuivasa would be down! It would be one of the biggest and most incredible sporting events of the year.

I really have no idea if it'd be logistically possible but I can't get the visions of Adesanya's UFC 243 entrance and its aura outta my mind….