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Is Major League Baseball Serious With Only One Day Game On Opening Day And 51 Weekday Day Games Total?


While everyone was getting all excited about there actually being baseball officially scheduled and trying to figure out their teams' paths to a Corona Series trophy, it seems people forgot to take a look at the important stuff. Namely how many day games are scheduled from Monday-Friday when adults are for something to put on while working from home, kids are running amok since camps are closed, gamblers are trying to figure out what to do with all the extra money they've saved during quarantine, and fantasy junkies looking for some sort of action.

Well I took a look and the answer is there are 51 day games on weekdays. Total. For the entire 900 game season. And that's considering any game that starts before 5 pm ET as a day game, with a good chunk of those being at 4 pm when day is starting to turn to night. You do get another 165 day games on the weekend, which I'm fine with since teams are on the move on Sundays (*To be clear, all numbers in this study are subject to correction since I manually counted everything and I am a known idiot*).

I don't understand why Major League Baseball couldn't load up more day games in general, let alone on Opening DAY, where the Mets and Braves playing at 4:10 ET is the only day game.

Nothing beats that first day of pure baseball chaos that continues from the time you eat lunch until the time you pass out watching the Extra Innings Free Preview. One team's ace getting his dick kicked in, another flirting with a no-no, a couple of hitters cracking bombs and causing everyone to calculate the same awful On Pace For jokes all while bunting hangs at every stadium. It's chaotic American beauty. Is it too much to ask for just one day of craziness if not one day game every single weekday shown on MLB Network while the entire country is quarantined?

Meanwhile, lets see what the NBA is doing for their marathon run to end the season.

Oh, so the league that everyone says knows what its actually doing when it comes to growing the sport is having marathons of games during the day so kids, gamblers, and Olds will be able to watch? What a novel concept! I'm sure the baseball owners crunched their data about games being played in prime time that will result in a few more dollars this year while sacrificing future dollars since that seems to be their go-to move. But as someone that actually wants to see the sport survive since it looks like my team may soon be owned by a ruthless billionaire obsessed with winning, this can't be a good thing for the longterm health of the game while sucking for fans in the short term. Which now that I think about it, is the most baseball thing possible.