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Cincinnati Area Man Forced A SWAT Standoff Because He Lost Multiple Arm-Wrestling Matches

[WKYT] - A man losing several arm-wrestling contests led to gunshots and a standoff that lasted eight hours before surrendering early Monday, Boone County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Philip Ridgell said in a news release.

Before the standoff began, Curtis Zimmerman, 55, lost several arm-wrestling matches, became upset, and shot a gun two times inside of a home on Clubtrail Drive, Lt. Ridgell explained.

A few minutes before 1 a.m. Monday, deputies responded to Clubtrail Drive for a report of a person with a gun, according to the release.

Listen, listen, listen. Sometimes you lose not one, but multiple arm wrestling contests and you have to make a statement. Just ask Cons, you ever hear about him losing to Cory from Real World/The Challenge in an arm wrestling contest? He still is pissed about it. I'm pretty sure this is just how you react though. It's 1am and you have to make a statement. The real question though is how many losses is 'several.' Are we talking 2-3 or are we talking like 10-11? Feel that's an important development that we need more of here. 

Now is shooting or trying to shoot someone a crazy person move? Absolutely. But we're talking about Florence y'all. This feels standard for Florence. All I know is this the move of a crazy person and good luck ever beating him in arm wrestling again. If you're his friend and you challenge him to arm wrestling you better roll over. Just let the crazy person win. 

Also you know, just take it easy man. You stink at arm wrestling. It's okay.