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A Notre Dame Website Says The School Should Change Their Nickname Because It's Rooted In An Offensive Stereotype


And apparently this guy is because this was the closing paragraph

So, yes, it bothers me that the term “Fighting Irish” is used for a nickname. It bothers me that its origins are based on stereotypes, and trying to make the Catholic team seem lesser than their opponents. It bothers me that their mascot and logo are a leprechaun with his fists up like he’s John L. Sullivan.

I’ll continue to simply refer to them as “The Irish.” This embraces the cultural ties to Irish Americans, without using an outdated stereotype.  The superimposed ND is a good logo. We don’t need a fighting leprechaun.

As the grandson of Kirby and a McDonald who emigrated from County Kerry, were Catholic, and were discriminated against when they arrived with their families in the 1920s...

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, cares about this. Not one person(besides this dink writer) is offended by this. It gets back to something I said on twitter the other day

Everyone, starting with the guy who wrote this article, just relax. Think to yourself, of all the injustices in the world and all the things to care about, do I really need to throw a cartoon of an Irish dude into the mix with a 1000 word essay? The answer should come back 1000% of the time an unequivocal and resounding FUCK. NO. Stop trying to make everything a thing. It's not. It's an Irish guy. I like it. So does everyone else. Leave it alone. Pick a different battle.