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MLB Roundup - Week 3


Here we are, already three weeks into the season. Pretty wild week with the Royals thinking they’re hot shit trying to fight every team in the league. But you know what? I LOVE that they play that way. I touched on it in last weeks post, no one expected the Royals to contend this year after a bad offseason. But they used the naysayers as bulletin board material and are playing the best ball in the AL right now. They play with a chip on their shoulder. A fuck you attitude. Grinder ball. Them and the Mets are the two most entertaining teams in baseball right now. Let’s get into it!

KC vs. Oakland bruhaha

As I said, KC is trying to start shit with everyone now, and I like it. No, I don’t condone throwing 100MPH fastballs at someone’s head; you put it between their numbers and that’s that. With that said, Lawrie deserved what he got. If you go in cleats high like he did, expect to get drilled. Go in cleats high AND injure an opposing player and you can expect a 100MPH Kelvim Herrera fastball to your earhole:

Team Of The Week: New York Mets

Meet the Mets! Meet the Mets! Step right up and greet the Mets! Sizzlin’ hot right now, winners of 8 straight and undoubtedly playing better baseball than anyone else in the NL, and it’s not really all that close. Tolo, Harvey, deGrom and Niese all throwing well. Duda and old man Cuddyer hitting well. Really fun time to be a Mets fan. That is until their inevitable collapse occurs. Until then, a really fun team to watch.

Picture 11

Nastiest Pitches Of The Week

Wainwright hammer. Pure filth.

I’ve seen better change-ups, but watching A-rod’s face as the bottom drops out of this one brought me endless joy. It should do the same for you.

Defensive Play Of The Week

Pillar getting up there and stealing a homer with what might just be the best robbery of 2015 before it’s all said and done. Really only one way to bring one back at the Skydome, and he put on an absolute clinic.

Fucked Up Play Of The Week



Prospect of the week 


Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 3.20.40 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 3.20.46 PM


This week’s prospect of the week is current Louisville RHP Kyle Funkhouser.  Funk’s a Chicago kid, went to Oak Forest HS, and in the last year or two has skyrocketed up draft charts.  This is the most recent scouting report I could find on him, and though it’s not that old it’s already outdated.  It lists his fastball at a grade 50/80, which is major league above average, but from everything I’ve read he’s consistently in the upper 90s right now, touching 100MPH.  His futures FB grades out to a grade 75/80 or so, and come June, could immediately help a team in relief.  If he harnesses his command, he has future closer written all over him.



Managerial Tirade Of The Week – Must Listen

This is my biggest problem with sports media – A lot of the beat writers and radio “personalities” don’t actually have an emotional investment in the team they’re covering. Not actual fans. This Twitter egg is so hell bent on advancing his own career at the expense of others that he cannot mind his own business in what sounds like a bad situation with Mesoraco. I mean price was almost crying. Yes, I’m sure Reds fans wanna know his whereabouts. But some things transcend baseball, and this could very well be one of those times. So fuck this Rosecrans guy. Totally team Price




WAG Of The Week – Zach Wheeler’s GF Dominique. Wow…. Just wow. I thought Kim Dejesus was perfect, then I discover this little minx. Absolute forest fire




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