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When You're Going Through Hell, Keep Going...Orrrrrrrr

....orrrrrr chop all your fucking hair off.



My goodness! Shades of Britney circa 2007. I don't blame her though. We've all been there. Sometimes you just gotta make a rash decision against your better judgement. Sometimes it's booking a last second flight to Vegas, sometimes it's buying $2,000 worth of nonsense on Amazon, and sometimes it's cutting off all your hair in one fell swoop. It happens!

You know who is really to blame for this who thing though? Her friends. How is nobody tackling her Terry Tate style to stop her? I'm guessing everyone is filming going "nooooo, don'ttttttt" but not a single friend lifted a finger to try n stop her. Unless there is more to the story and it was a dare or bet or something and they just couldn't believe it was actually happening. 

Either way, I like it. I like the boldness. I like the confidence and courage. Not many people would take the plunge like that but she did. And to that, I tip my cap.