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Magic Johnson Answering PMT's Question About His Twitter Account Will Break Your Heart In A Million Pieces And Ruin Your Day

[Source] - Rob Lowe: Do you know Pardon My Take? I did (their podcast). Those guys are huge fans of yours as you know, and I said look, ‘you’re the best sports podcast, I’m going to be interviewing Magic, he’s going to be one of my first guests, do you have any questions, do you have any thoughts?’ And they’re like ‘you have to ask him, does he write his own tweets?’ And I was like what? Of all the things? Of all the things that you could ask one of the greatest men, players, but that’s what they wanted to ask, so here I am, I’m asking: Why are they obsessed with your tweets?

Magic Johnson: I don’t know. No, I have somebody write them out. I tell them what I want to say and they write them.

Quick summary: 

Magic Johnson admitting his Twitter account is a sham? I refuse to believe it. It's like when you're older cousin says Santa isn't real or when a bouncer takes your fake ID. Everything you ever believed in is just poof gone. I can't ever look at a Magic Johnson tweet the same again. They were perfect. It was straight out of the AP wire or a Greenie blog. Just listing who was playing in the Eastern Conference Finals with some bland statement about how whoever plays better will win. 

I need to know who is this man or woman running Magic's twitter account. What's that interview process right? I'm not ruling out it's Big Cat, but what's this interview process. Imagine getting the call from Magic that he needs to fire off a tweet. 'Hey, it's Magic. Here are my 60 favorite movies in honor of my 60th birthday, do your thing.'

I just refuse to believe there's someone out there that's doing this for Magic. The twitter account is too pure. There are too many social media people that wouldn't be able to draft those things. That has to come directly from Magic where they quote him word for word and maybe hit send for him. Remember, he quit the Lakers so he could tweet at other players. No chance he's giving up that opportunity.