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Weirdest Video Of 2020: Carole Baskin Is On Twitter Wishing Zion A Happy 20th Birthday

I'm sorry, but uh, what the fuck? There's zero chance Zion wants to see this. There's zero chance anyone associated with the Pelicans or the NBA wants to see this. Why is Carole Baskin hopping on the timeline to wish Zion a happy birthday? Feel like maybe there are a few better options for this. Maybe have Olivia Munn make a video for him? 

Zion has to change his birthday. You have to lie now. You can't be getting ready to go to bubble life (please happen) knowing that Carole Baskin is out there cheering for you. That's worse than the Madden Curse, that's worse than the SI cover jink, worse than any fill in the blank curse. 

And yes I understand Overtime probably paid Baskin for this, but why? Everyone knows Overtime you don't need that pub, especially with her. Feel like Zion should be off the 2k cover after this. Feel like Ja Morant needs to be the face of the rookie class now. You can't have Carole fucking Baskin in your corner.