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Uncle Stevie Cohen Is Reportedly Preparing Another Bid For The Mets, Just Like I Reported Last Month

As a wise man mad titan once said: Dread it. Run from it. Destiny arrives all the same. And now it's here. Or should I say, he is.

I won't even act like I'm living in Scoop City either. I just follow the Khaleesi of #MetsTwitter because I know she will never steer us wrong.

Now we wait until July 9th to see where the first bids come in and if this whole Bobby Axelrod Billions persona we've been told about is true or just a work of Hollywood fiction. The Mets could go 0-60 in this fake corona season and it would still be the best year of my life as a Mets fan if it means we could trade the Wilpons for Uncle Stevie.


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