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Which Leonardo DiCaprio Movies Would You Delete FOREVER?

I'm sorry sorry, but I have to share these every time I make one. Here is my picks:

Column A: As always, it's the hardest one on purpose. 'The Departed' is one of my favorite movies so I refuse to even consider losing it, so it comes down to the other two. I think Leo's performance in Wolf is stronger than it is in 'Inception', but I like the latter more. I could also watch it on repeat without getting tired of it while I can't say the same about Wolf. 

Column B: I'm not touching either Tarantino joint. 'Catch Me if You Can' is a total gem but not the experience of the other two. 

Column C: Look I'm gonna say it...

I never particularly cared for 'Titanic'. It's a benchmark in cinematic history and so iconic, but I watch it maybe once a decade? If that? I'll go entry to finish on the other two any time I see them on TV. 

What would you pick, though? Make your voice heard below!