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Patrick Mahomes' Contract Reminds Me Of The Special Day Brett Favre Signed A 10-Year "Lifetime" Contract With The Packers

Congratulations to Patrick Mahomes on his massive contract extension! 10 years is a looong time and with the addition of the 2 remaining on his contract, he's officially locked up through his 36th birthday. I hope he finds comfort in that security and plays in KC for as long as his heart desires. I hope at no point over the next 12 years he's forced to make a decision he's not quite ready to make that he later can't take back, or is forced to live with one that's made for him. Because like I said, 10 years is a looong time and a lot can of change can happen in that time period, including the decade-long commitment.  

Just ask #4. 

Packers Brett Favre Sets Touchdown Record Getty Images.

This picture was taken on September 30, 2007, moments after Brett Favre broke Dan Marino's record for career touchdown passes and about 6 years into his 10-year, "lifetime" extension.

JOURNAL SENTINEL - The contract Brett Favre signed Thursday to become the highest-paid player in the National Football League assures the Green Bay Packers that his future will never be in doubt.

As long as Favre plays football, it will be in a Packers uniform.

"I enjoy it here," Favre told reporters in a conference call announcing his lifetime contract. "I don't want to move. I enjoy the fans. I just want to stay. I couldn't envision myself playing for another team.... If that would ever come up, I'd probably just retire. I've made enough money that I don't need to jump ship and go somewhere else. So it was just important to me to stay here."

Lolllll. I'm laughing because it hurts how fucking stupid I was. 

I still remember the joy I felt knowing that the man who brought me to the Green Bay Packers would always be a Packer. My Packers loyalty started because of him, and his forever loyalty was to the exact same team. It wasn't just about some game or some business or money; it was "lifetime" special. 

7 years and 2 days later: 

5 months after that: 

Mayor Bloomberg Welcomes Brett Favre to New York Mike Stobe. Getty Images.

A second retirement and 6 months later, and we were gifted with the most disgusting image of Favre imaginable. I'm not going to put a picture here because, frankly, I still can't see him in Vikings purple, but you definitely remember how terrible he looked in purple. In fact, I bet you're visualizing it now. Awful. Just awful. 

I wouldn't wish that pain on my worst enemy. 

I hope 12 years actually means 12 years to both the Chiefs and Mahomes so their fans will never be subjected to the same hurt Packers fans were.