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After Getting 51 Kills In Warzone Trios (108 As A Team Overall), Aydan Is Officially DIFFERENT

Now this is one beyond insane, completely batshit Warzone scoreboard.  51 kills in a trios that got 108 total slays.  I repeat...51 KILLS IN A TRIOS THAT GOT 108 TOTAL SLAYS!!!  Actually incredible numbers in Verdansk.  Finally we see someone like Aydan that is indeed IRREPLACEABLE at what he does.     

Oh, and kudos to Nickmercs for participating with his cute contribution.  Only 19 eliminations, brah?  Adorable.  Time to get back in the weight room.  In the meantime, Aydan continues to carry anyone and everyone in just about everything he does.  Good to see my training of him continues to pay off.  

And now, myself and Private Balls ride into Verdansk with anyone who wishes to join. 

Let's cook.