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Guess That State: Airline Passenger Beats Agents With Dustpan Over $65 Bag Fee

If you guessed that this headline was a story hailing from the great state of Florida, you are — partially — correct!

Emmari Jackson is from Texas, but we'll grant her honorary Florida Woman status after her battery rampage at the Spirit Airlines counter at the Orlando airport landed her behind bars in the Sunshine State.

Click Orlando — When officers arrived, they spoke to a victim who said they were assisting with a carry-on bag when a passenger, identified as 21-year-old Emmari Jackson, became irate and was told she could not travel due to her behavior.

A supervisor for Spirit Airlines attempted to call the police when Jackson ran at them, punched them in the back of the head, then jumped on them, according to a report. When witnesses attempted to pull Jackson off the supervisor, Jackson kicked a victim in the head, according to police.

Jackson then grabbed a metal dustpan used for airport cleaning from a nearby custodial cart and proceeded to hit a victim over the back with the dustpan, a report read.

Victims told police once the incident was over that the fight broke out over Jackson being charged $65 for her carryon bag.

A $65 fee for one carry-on sounds pretty bad until you're sitting in jail in one of the most wonderful cities in the world on $3,500 bail. Universal Studios is open for business right now just down the road and you're eating jail food because you had to start beating up five Spirit Airlines agents. It sounds like Jackson was truly intent on not paying that $65, though, so I guess she got what she wanted in the end.

But I bet you thought the battery ended at the airport. Well, as a matter of fact, we have a bonus battery once Jackson was already in jail!

Police took Jackson into custody and took her to the Orange County Jail where she then battered a corrections officer, according to a report.

Police said that as Jackson was going through the jail booking process, she was non-compliant and told officers she had COVID-19 before coughing on equipment. A nurse came to escort Jackson to another room but stopped to get Jackson a face mask as a safety precaution, a report read.

When the nurse stopped, Jackson became aggressive, trying to escape from officers, and began to cough and spit in the officer’s face, according to a report. When officers tried to direct Jackson towards the ground, she kicked the officer in the chest.

My goodness, this woman absolutely refuses to stop beating the shit out of people, consequences be damned. And then she threw in the old COVID cough, just for a little extra pizzazz.

It simply does not get more Florida than battery on a plethora of Spirit Airlines agents at the Orlando airport followed by a bonus round at the Orange County Jail. And while I said Jackson was only an honorary Florida Woman since her home state is Texas, i think we can go ahead and grant her full status, since it appears she'll be relocating to Orlando for an indeterminate amount of time.