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Recommended: The Beatles - Don't Let Me Down (Live On The Apple Corps Rooftop 1969)

On this date in 1957, a 15-year-old Paul McCartney takes his bike for a ride to St Peter’s Church in Woolton, Liverpool to see a band called The Quarrymen playing at a town parade/outdoor fair, and meets their frontman - John Lennon - for the very first time.

It's long been written that John's swagger and presence on-stage transfixed McCartney so much, that after the show, he whipped out his guitar and played a melody of Little Richard songs in attempt to impress John back - and it worked, immediately. 

Author Jim O'Donell, who wrote a whole book entitled, 'The Day John Met Paul', described the moment by saying, “A young man not easily astonished - Lennon is astonished.” Two weeks later, Paul was invited to join The Quarrymen, and the rest is history! 

So today, for my 'Recommended:' live performance, I've got 'Don't Let Me Down' from the final live concert Lennon and McCartney ever played together on the rooftops of Apple Corps in January of 1969. 

There aren't a ton of Beatles live performances out there due to their lack of touring from '66 on, and this one maaay be a bit overplayed by now, but it truly never fails to get me vibin'. Paul's groove-playing and John's vocals are just absolute magic together. Enjoy!