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Kentucky's AD Is Reportedly Telling Donors To Prepare For 50% Capacity At Both Football And Basketball Games This Season

[Source] - Two sources have informed Kentucky Sports Radio that UK Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart has been contacting donors to discuss scenarios for the upcoming seasons, with the primary plan calling for 50% capacity at football and basketball games. For Kroger Field, that would mean a crowd of 30,500 and for Rupp Arena, 10,272 (due to the most recent renovations, Rupp’s capacity is now 20,545). All fans with football season tickets would be covered.

I honestly think this is a positive right now. Mitch Barnhart is one of the more respected AD's in the country (nbd) and for him to say that is a huge step. Now, it also likely means this will be the case for every SEC team. I'd find it hard to believe an athletic department will sign off on something like this unless there's unity across the conference. Then you have an even bigger debate about unbalanced scheduling and advantages built in. 

I have no idea what's going to happen - no one does. All I know is we're in July now and college football is supposed to be starting here soon. If we get it with 50% fans will it be weird as hell? Yep, but sign me up for it right now. There's something special about looking at Bryant-Denny Stadium for an Alabama/LSU game and seeing 100,000+ people packed in. It's going to be weird at 50%, but just please, sports. 

Now as for Barnhart only telling donors and essentially season ticket holders being covered makes sense. But my question is what happens with students? When I was at Kentucky you could buy football season tickets but basketball was a lottery. How do you determine how many students vs season ticket holders get in? Again, way above my pay grade but that will likely be a debate at every school if they go with the 50% rule. 

I don't know what's going to happen, but these next few weeks are going to be a wild ride. We'll hear a million different rumors like this and the Ivy League is supposed to vote this week about pushing sports to the spring.