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DeMarcus Cousins Just Promised "Another Boogie Bomb" So Is He About To Make A Comeback?

Ah yes, the wonderful world of vague NBA player tweets. You might remember how a few weeks ago we had ourselves another #sourceoff when it came to Boogie playing in Orlando


as I'm typing this blog we haven't had any Woj/Shas/Haynes tweets about what Boogie could be referencing, but I'm going to assume the news is that he is in fact playing. Now who he is going to sign with is anyone's guess, but I do think HOU/OKC/LAC/TOR could be an option. What if Dwight is actually opting out of Orlando and Boogie is going back to the Lakers? What if they do some roster maneuvering and both are in Orlando? I think that would qualify as a #BoogieBomb.

Who knows what Boogie actually has left after so much time away from the game, but if he's truly 100% healthy and can somehow manage to be 80% of this version

he could for sure make an impact in limited minutes. My hope is that if he does come back its with someone that actually has a chance at a title and isn't the Nets or something (no offense). It seems sort of pointless to risk injury for a team that will be in Orlando for a cup of coffee. I also don't think Boogie puts out that tweet unless it was his return with a team that actually has a shot.

Now if you'll excuse me I'll be refreshing my timeline every 2 seconds until the news drops. If this is something completely different and is just a troll, well then what the hell. You can't be messing with us this close to the start of the bubble experiment.