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I Blog About Dick Pics ONE TIME and ... Yep! My DMs got Blown Up with D Pics

When you blog about Dick Pics, you obviously open yourself up to the potential for some, how shall we say -- blowback? I'm talking about a Schlongalanche on Social, a Dickocalypse in my DMs, a Members Only meeting in my Messages. 

Giphy Images.

You get the picture (well, not unless you're a chick you don't). 

So when I blogged about better dick pics last night, I braced for the worst. 

What I got may have gone a long ways toward restoring my faith in humanity.

Instead of a parade of mediocre penises, what started showing up slowly, in a trickle, and then became a flood were D pictures of another kind altogether. D's hanging out. D's from every angle. D's dressed to get attention. A D in a spider man costume, a D in a John Deere, and even D in a blankey. 

THANK GOD I'm talking Dog Pics. 

Giphy Images.

It was overwhelming. And you know what, I was NOT mad. It made my day. 

NOW THIS is how you send a D pic, gentleman!!

Giphy Images.

Giphy Images.