Nationals Acquire Two Time All Star Asdrubal Cabrera From The Indians




Nats are all in on the World Series or bust this year. After losing Zimmerman maybe until the playoffs, they weren’t going to sit still at the deadline and let Espinosa be a weak link in the lineup. They went out and picked up an upgrade in Cleveland’s Asdrubal Cabrera who they’ll move to 2nd. While Cabrera isn’t the shiny, end all be all missing piece to the puzzle, he is a former 25 home run hitter and despite only hitting .246 this season, it’s still 30 points hire than Espo. It also now gives them a lot of flexibility in the infield, which is never a bad thing.

The Nats are currently 11 games over .500, lead the league in run differential with a +72, and just added another major league bat to the lineup. Top to bottom, even without Zimm, it’s a scary lineup to face.