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Does This Look Like The Face Of Someone Who Is 20 Years Old?

The answer is technically yes, but let's not pretend like Zion is any normal 20 year old. When you come into the league and you do some shit not done since SHAQ that's pretty unique. Shaq also put up those numbers as a 20 year old his rookie year and the pessimists out there will say Zion's numbers would have gone down the more he played (19 games), but I disagree. What did we see over that span that suggested Zion would get worse and not better? I know it's been 50 years since we've seen any of these dudes play, but this kid was not slowing down anytime soon

There's a reason Adam Silver put on his best David Stern impression and is doing all he can to get us that LeBron vs Zion playoff matchup. Zion puts asses in seats and is about as must watch a prospect that exists in ANY sport. The best part is he's been able to back up all the hype so far. That seems crazy considering he's the most hyped basketball player since LeBron, but just like Bron he has come right in and justified everything. To think we are just getting started and he's only 20 years old doesn't really make any sense in my brain. This is the worst Zion will probably ever be, that's pretty goddamn terrifying.

When I was 20, I would say I was living a little different life than Zion. Chances are you were too. I remember on my 20th birthday throwing a party at our shitty college apartment (shoutout The Village) that almost never happened because my fake ID got taken. This thing was legit too. It scanned and it passed the black light test. I think I paid $150 bucks for it and man was it legit. It even had the raised back of the ID like all real Arizona licenses did. That was sneaky the first thing people checked when you passed them your ID, if it had that raised back. Well for some reason we wanted this keg of Honey Brown that this liquor store by our apartment complex sold, and despite passing all the tests the dude wouldn't give it back. He kept telling me he knew it was fake. I quickly looked down and saw a ton of other IDs in the counter and knew this was not going to end well. This wasn't our normal spot, usually we just got 30 racks from the gas station or something and to this day I don't know why we went there. All for some Honey Brown? Idiots. I desperately wanted to just tell him it was my actual birthday and ask if he could throw me a bone, but seeing as how the ID had a different date on it I couldn't pull that card. He offered to call the police to have them run the ID, and that's when I promptly got the fuck out of there. My ID that had worked in 99.9% of places was gone forever. That shit hurt.

So yeah, 20 year old Greenie was living a little different life than 20 year old Zion. Having said that though, the party was awesome. I mean it was ASU so who really was the winner when you think about it.