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Worst Human On Earth Tests Positive For Coronavirus, Goes To A MASSIVE Party On Fire Island, Then Tells Everyone To Go Fuck Themselves For Getting Mad At Him

I have always wanted to go to Fire Island Pines. In terms of gay friendly vacation spots, it's the mecca. From what I hear there's no place else like it on earth. That said, it does tend to have a bit of a stigma in terms of the people who go there, which ended up coming to the forefront this weekend when thousands upon thousands of partygoers descended on the island despite the threat of coronavirus. Not only that, no one was wearing a mask, no one was social distancing, and everyone acted like things were back to normal. Once social media caught wind of what was going on, the tweets started to pop up. 

Here are a few: 

But wait! There's more! One guy actually took to twitter and told people to go fuck themselves after concerns were raised over him having tested positive for coronavirus. His name is Corey Hannon and he is currently the worst person on earth.

The video: 

It doesn't get much more selfish than that. He initially claimed to have been cured, but the posts on his Instagram and Facebook told a different story…

He eventually took to twitter to issue an apology that I'm not going to include because it's not sincere. The damage is done. There were a ton of other videos and photos that have since surfaced that are equally as concerning. Check out the caption on this guy's photo…

 Why these people can't just take a weekend off is beyond me. It gives the entire community a bad name and puts countless lives at risk. Hopefully whoever was out there stays there and can extend their stay for another two weeks. It's the least they can do. Let's do better, people.