Make Sure You Have Your Tickets For The Bright N Pint Bar Crawl in DC Tomorrow - Save 25% Off With Code BARSTOOL

BREAKING NEWS: 81 and sunny tomorrow. Not a cloud in the sky. Perfect weather from sea to shining sea. It’s like Summer come early. Which is perfect timing because this Saturday the Bright-N-Pint Bar Crawl is taking over DC. 15+ bars throwing the best all day drink fest money can buy. If you’re still looking for something for you and your friends to do, this is it. Send them this link and using promo code BARSTOOL you and your friends get tickets for 25% off. They get more and more expensive the closer it gets to the day, so if you buy them using the promo code you and your friends save. And definitely don’t wait until the last second and pay 30 dollars at the door.  It’s from 2-10 tomorrow. There are DJs at every bar, hot girls in tiny clothing, and ridiculously cheap drinks. It’s just one big DC all day rage fest.


Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 1.33.35 PM


See ya there with 5,000 others. Should be a good time as always.


Get your tickets with promo code BARSTOOL today



PS: In May there’s an unlimited drinking beer fest with like 50 breweries at the Fairgrounds outside Nats Park. Use the same code BARSTOOL and save on that too. I suggest the VIP tickets because you get full pours (not just the sample cup), an extra hour of boozing, and your own private area with beers just for VIPS. Tickets for that HERE.