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WATCH: Cam Newton Just Put The Entire NFL On Notice With This Workout Video

**This is from last night but I wanted to repost today. The killa Cam era is officially underway...**

I wanted to save this blog until tomorrow, I really did...but I can't. Because now I'm awake and now I'm ready to run through a brick wall. For the love of God if that video is any indication of what the Cam Newton era is going to look like in New England I am all in. Angry Cam? Chip on a shoulder Cam? Cam who's "sick of being humble?" Sign me the fuck up. He's 31 years old with a lot to prove and a hell of a lot more gas in the tank. 

Look at this man: 

Screen Shot 2020-07-05 at 9.46.41 PM.png

Did I mention he has thighs like a honey baked ham? 

Slay me daddy. Have a great night everyone and remember, "when you humble, they start taking advantage of you." - Cam Newton. 

PS: We're brining the dab back.