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Jed Lowrie Said He Doesn't Want To Comment On His Injury Because He Doesn't "Want To Create Any Distractions"

No doubt about it. Social media can be a crazy place full of conspiracy theories when people are left to play a guessing game about what's really happening. It can be sports, politics, silly Barstool shit. No matter what, when people are left to their own devices to figure out the unknown, things can go off the rails quickly.

Which is why it was a good move by Jed Lowrie trying to nip this whole "injury speculation" thing in the bud before it spirals out of control considering he got hurt *checks notes* 17 months ago! 

Of course we received an update a few months later:

That definitely didn't have Mets fans imagining the left side of Jed Lowrie's body looked like this while questioning if he was actually alive or not:

We received proof that Jed wasn't dead and was in fact as healthy as a man with one clearly functioning leg and one potential robotic leg could be:

Along with proof of existence a couple of days ago:

Followed by tonight's report where Lowrie said he doesn't want to talk about his injury that luckily has the worst pain when Jed does things like run, which shouldn't come up too often for a baseball player.

Giphy Images.

*Not pictured* The other zillion tweets questioning if Jed Lowrie was dead or had something truly horrific happen to his leg or LEFT SIDE that will stop now that Jed has decided not to comment on it. Future distractions avoided! 

God I love being a Mets fan where stupid shit like this happens all the time. At least the guy who signed Lowrie has learned to embrace social media:

TL;DR - Jed Lowrie may have been abducted by aliens and had his leg used for crazy human experimentation but we shouldn't speculate or else it could cause a distraction.

P.S. Casual reminder that the Asdrual Cabrera's son got his heart broken by the Mets then his dad got a World Series ring with the Nationals while the Mets ended up with a broken Jed Lowrie. 

Crazy how things work out sometimes. I'm actually happy for The Assman because he called the Mets out on their bullshit, gave us a legitimately great moment

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And had one of my favorite nicknames ever