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English Soccer Fan Jumps In A Canal To Celebrate A Win Over Rivals ... Slight Problem: His Team Gave Up A Goal As He Got Arrested, Team Did Not Win

Talk about your all time, worst luck here. But I've said it before and I don't care if Dave thought I was crazy for going over the line on this announcer: 

You know how you avoid bad juju, you keep your mouth fucking shut until the buzzer sounds. Same goes for this fan. I get that English soccer fans are lunatics. I get that beating your rival over there is more important than anything in the world. But you can't just be jumping in the canal to celebrate that. Because then Nottingham Forest gives up a goal in the 97th minute as your dumbass is getting arrested. 

I'm not saying don't celebrate goals or crazy plays. I'm saying don't go over the top until the buzzer sounds. I'm a firm believer in good/bad juju. I'm a firm believer that your energy can cost your team a win - trust me it makes zero sense but 100% sense. I need a full interview with this guy. Gotta know what his thoughts were when he found out they gave up a goal in the 97th minute - just an absurd amount of stoppage time too. 

Imagine being the cop. That's gotta be a top-1 cop feeling. You really want to punish someone for being an idiot you get to break the news to them that not only are they arrested but their favorite team did not beat their rivals. What a tweet too. Just cutting to the core of every Nottingham fan with #wounded.