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Super Team Assemble: Damian Lillard AND Devin Booker Both Reportedly Would Want A Trade To The Knicks

I know I said I'm done with getting excited about the Knicks. I know I said there's no chance a free agent would ever come to the Knicks. I know I said build through the Draft because that's the only way the Knicks can actually be successful. Well, FUCK THAT. That was before Worldwide Wes baby! The Knicks are back! Photoshops are back! 

This is just perfect Knicks though. Nothing like on the 4th of July to have reports that not 1 but 2 big time players reportedly would want to be traded to the Knicks. Hell, this isn't even the first time we've had a Damian Lillard to the Knicks rumor. Not even the first time in the last month! 

Ah yes, the classic loves to play at the Garden line. This is really hitting Knicks rumor bingo. It's typically a big time player is interested in being traded to the Knicks. He loves the Garden. He thinks NYC could help his brand. He wants to help turn the Knicks around. Those are the lines that you always look for when it comes to this type of story. 

And now with Leon Rose and Wes in town there will be the players are linked to them stories. I can't wait. I'm ready to get my heart broken while being kicked in the dick again. There's 0 chance the Knicks make this happen. There's 0 chance the Knicks are ever good in my lifetime, I've just accepted it because of James Dolan. But the fact is we'll take little glimpses of happiness like this where we can trick our dumb brains into imagining a world with Lillard and Booker in the backcourt. 

PS: We're just going to ignore the Lakers part for Lillard. Fuck that.