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Weekend Wake Up: The Best Of Wedding Crashers

If we're being honest, this "best of" video could just be the entire movie because Wedding Crashers is one of the best comedy films in recent memory. Top 5 quotable movie of all time? The entire summer of 2005 was spent quoting this movie. You couldn't go to one party without someone yelling "MA, THE MEATLOAF!!" Anytime a friend was in another room you were legally obligated to say "I never know what she's doing in there!" I've yelled "Crabcakes and Football, thats what Maryland does!" more than I've said my own name. I still say "make me a bicycle clown" anytime I see a balloon. I really wish I had time to go through every quotable line and memorable scene, but there really isn't enough time. It's tough to even pick a favorite scene of the movie. Is it the breakfast scene with the priest? Is it the football scene? Chaz in his mom's house? Dinner scene with the OTPHJ? Montage in the beginning? Honest to god I can't pick one. And today if the perfect day to relive this classic, so sit your ass on the couch, pop on Wedding Crashers and enjoy. 

PS. The painting was a gift, Todd.