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You Hate To Hear Them Talking About Kevin Kisner Losing To The Fore Play Boys At Pinehurst No. 2 On Golf Channel

Now that's just mean. Our guy Kevin Kisner is in the hunt at the Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit, is set to tee off in a few hours and Golf Channel does him like that. Calls him out for losing to the Fore Play boys at Pinehurst No.2 a couple months ago. Extremely cruel. However it also happens to be true. We did beat Kevin Kisner in a match at Pinehurst No. 2. a couple months ago, that happened. The Fore Play boys AKA the One Hit Wonders bested the 36th ranked player in the world at the game of golf at a historic venue. So yes, what they said on Morning Drive is indeed factual, but they didn't have to do our guy Kiz like that so soon to his Saturday tee time.