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Recommended: Paul McCartney & Billy Joel - I Saw Her Standing There/Let It Be (Live At Shea Stadium 2008)

This is about as close to a MUST WATCH as I could blog here on 'Recommended:' - Paul McCartney taking the stage with Billy Joel during the final concert at Shea Stadium (42 years after first performing there with The Beatles), and playing 'I Saw Her Standing There'/'Let It Be' with Joel himself. I couldn't get enough of the smiles on the faces of Joel's band during this.

I had never heard the story behind this appearance til this week, when Glenny Balls told me about it like it were a biblical moment, and he couldn't have been more dead on with how he hyped it up. It's truly celestial rock n' roll type shit, involving clearing airspace, getting police escorts, reunions you wouldn't believe - the whole nine. This story has got it all. I'm not even gonna talk about it anymore. Just watch these videos. What are you waiting for?!

P.S. Sir Paul, come on My Mom's Basement!