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The Redskins Have Announced They Are "Undergoing a thorough review of the team’s name"...Which Sounds A Whole Lot Like A Name Change Is Near

Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 11.04.50 AM.png

Well god damn. This is the first time EVER that Dan Snyder has been on the record as considering changing the name. This comes on the heals of FedEx requesting it and then Nike pulling all Skins merch from their online store yesterday.




I think the most important part of the release is "this review formalizes the initial discussions the team has been having with the league in recent weeks", meaning the league is possibly pressuring Dan to change the name, and now they will formally look at it from all angles, and if I had to make a bold, bold prediction, have a new name by the start of next season. 

So now the question is- what do they do for a new name? Keep it in the family with something like "Warriors", which has been tossed around a bunch, or go complete opposite and do something like "Generals" or "Americans" and go full red, white and blue? I'm guessing they will keep the Burgundy and Gold for the traditionalists, which I think is more than fair and the obvious compromise.

So yeah. Big things are happening. Fascinating. We'll be rooting for the Washington next season?




PS: Can't wait for a bunch of hillbillies to care WAYYYYYY too much about a team name and declare they are never watching football again. Ok, sure pal. You're never going to watch football ever again because a team name. What are you going to watch instead? Exactly, you're going to shut up and root for the same exact team with a slightly different name.