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I Don't Know If A Dunk Can Improve A Draft Stock, But Cassius Stanley Should Be Drafted Higher Strictly Because Of This Dunk

How does this translate to on the court success? It really doesn't, but it's fucking awesome. I know some dunks are overplayed and shit, but this is a ridiculous dunk. This is something that we saw Aaron Gordon essentially break out during the dunk contest and it's the fact that Cassius Stanley makes it look way too easy. It's so impressive that even Giannis needs to chime in about it: 

Does it matter if Stanley can get lost a bit defensively or gamble too much because of his athleticism? Does it matter if he's not the most consistent player offensively? Nope, it doesn't. Because when you can just do shit like this you become the coolest person in the world. The dude broke Zion's vertical record at Duke. You may not know this but Zion can jump. 

Staring directly at the rim while you're sitting on air has to be a top-1 feeling

Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 11.13.20 AM.png