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Some Ludicrous SPORTS Statistics. A Thread.

Every once in a while the liars at ESPN put up something decent on social media. Yesterday was one of them. 

Peter Burns seems like a good guy despite working for the mothership. He posed this question which got some great responses.

Since this is Barstool SPORTS I figured it was worth highlighting some of the better ones.

At the very least you can memorize or screen shot a few of these and drop them on your friends at cook outs this weekend and look smart.

Hot start Keith…

Way to insert yourself into this right from the jump. 

There is zero doubt in my mind Olberman is that guy at parties that drops the "Enough about you, how about me?" pretending to joke but is dead serious. 

Be more in love with yourself. You can't.

Thanks Buster for getting us back on track.

This is pretty nuts.

What are the fuckin odds of this happening? All it takes is one score change for or against, one fielder's choice, etc. and this isn't the case. Baseball always has all the cool stats.

Thaddeus Young take a bow sir.




Has the world ever been robbed of witnessing a freak of nature more than Bo Jackson? 


Love this.

Not surprised.

So if TB12 hauls in that catch in the Eagles Superbowl he'd potentially be able to break yet another record this year?

I'm sure everybody's heard this one before. Absolutely mind boggling. 

Imagine being this good at your job? Or at anything for that matter?

Speaking of being insanely good. Tony Gwynn

Europe this is just sad.

Had to fact check this because I didn't believe it could be true. Sure enough it is. WTF. 

29 Drops. 39 tackles.

Can't wait til he comes to the Pats. This is the year! I can feel it!


This one's for Frankie - 

True story.

Love these two. If you didn't get a chance to read the Negro League blog from earlier this week it's pretty good history lesson.

Pretty cool.

Isn't it ironic?



The scoreboard operator told me this two seasons ago during a Cubs Reds game and my head exploded. 

Remember Linsanity? 



How does this happen?