Step Up Your Grill Game This 4th of July With These Scratch Made Hot Dogs. Do It, Coward

Any jabroni can go to the grocery store with a $5 bill and pick up a few packs of Ball Park franks. Grab a tank of propane and about 10 minutes later you've got hot dogs for everyone. But if you're having friends and family over for the 4th, then presumably these are all people who you care for and actually enjoy their presence. Do you really want these folks to think they mean less than a dollar and less than 10 minutes of labor to you? Or do you want to wow their goddamn socks off and grind up some beef, cure it, link up some wieners, cold smoke them for a few hours and then serve your friends and family some scratch made dogs that scream "I love you the shit out of you" with each and every bite?  Seems like an easy answer to me. 

Now the only issue here is that not everybody has a meat grinder and not everybody has a sausage casing machine. I get that. But it's Thursday morning and the 4th isn't for another 2 days. You could get those delivered to you on Amazon by tomorrow night if you wanted. So there's really no excuse. Either you love your friends and family, or you think they're all gigantic pieces of shit who are barely worth a dollar and 10 minutes of your time. Not even to mention all the other shit that gets pumped into commercial hot dogs. You must really hate those sons of bitches. 

Sidenote: Chuds BBQ is a must-subscribe. The man is an absolute weapon. And if you're already going out of your way to whip up some scratch made dogs, you might as well go full send and get some Chud Burgers going as well. 

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