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Orioles Fans Are Trying To Rent Out Hotel Rooms By Camden Yards Just For A Chance To Watch Games From A Balcony

Life at Camden Yards before the Hilton was built was perfect. There still is no better stadium in baseball than Camden, but before the Hilton you had a better view and just looked even better. But now? Now I finally appreciate the Hilton. Put my ass in there so I can watch John Means pitch and the Orioles win their 20th game in a 60 game season. 

Yes I'm an Orioles fan. I've said it before, so much so I named my son Camden. Similar to Jeff D. Lowe, my fanbases get questioned or confused, so here's how I ended up where I ended up. My entire family is from north Jersey - so that's where Giants/Knicks come in. We moved to Pennsylvania when I was young and my dad is a Mets fan, told me not to be a Mets fan. He tried to give me a happy life. The Orioles were the closest team to where I grew up so boom, you give me those colors, the best jerseys in the game, Ripken, Brady, etc. You get my fandom. Then obviously I went to Kentucky. So that's how you ned up a Knicks/Giants/Orioles/Kentucky fan. 

But back to this, it's absolutely genius. Go spend a night in the hotel, bring some Natty Boh and hang out to watch the Birds? Sign me the fuck up for this right now. There are very few things better than a summer night with a little breeze drinking beer and watching baseball. One of the few sports that's actually better to go to in person than watch on TV. Give me a Natty Boh. Give me a crab pretzel. Hit the damn music