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MLS Players Are Comparing Their Bubble Life Situation To Fyre Fest After Apparently Being Charged $65 For This Dogshit Sandwich

I mean that's the worst fucking sandwich of all time. That's not even close how you make a sandwich. Everyone knows you put two pieces of cheese, one on each side of the bread, load up the meat on one side, then you take another slice of cheese (preferably a spicy/horseradish type) and put that on top of the meat. Then you go pickles and mustard/mayo. That's how you make a sandwich, not whatever the MLS is having to eat. Not to mention there's no sandwich in the world that costs $65. A Chick-Fil-A sandwich on a Sunday wouldn't even cost that much. 

This is just a bad look for MLS though. Especially when you have FC Dallas players testing positive while inside their own bubble. This is also Disney World though. Everything there is so damn overpriced that $65 for a shitty sandwich is just normal if you're there with your family. 

All I know is if you're getting compared to Fyre Fest, you're not in a good spot. I actually enjoy the MLS. I worked for a team in the league before and am now a FC Cincinnati fan. It's not the Premier League obviously, but the league is growing. They are getting bigger names in the league and expanding and the play is getting better every year. This? This is just going to set it back even more. 

Just keep an eye out for this guy: 

Now it's worth noting the MLS is fighting back and saying this isn't true at all: 

Either way, I'm not paying $65 for a goddamn sandwich.