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Damian Lillard Doesn't Think There's A Chance NBA Players Follow The Rules Of Bubble Life

Uh, yeah, no kidding. I've said it before but there's no one in the world that's set up for bubble life. We're not made to be quarantined or that shit. People need to get out, people need to do things. That's especially true for NBA players who are used to living their own life and being celebrities. Plus, it's not like Disney World is that awesome for NBA players. They aren't kids who are jazzed up to ride a roller coaster or some shit like that. 

How Dame plans to pass the time is extremely peak Dame though: 

So for me, it's going to be: What time is practice, what time can I get in the weight room, what time can I get some shots up, what's the plan for game day. And then I'm gonna be in the room. I'm gonna have my PS3, my PS4, I'm gonna have my studio equipment, my mic, my laptop, I'm gonna have all my books. That's it, man. I'm gonna be in the room, chilling."

There's a 100% chance we get a Dame album from Orlando. There's no doubt about it. He's been dropping music during this break already and with really nothing to do but chill and hoop, he'll drop an album from the bubble with some jabs at it I'm sure. Also love him bringing PS3. Maybe he wants a piece of Duggs? 

But really it comes down to the fact that of course someone is going to break protocol in the bubble. You're talking about being holed up there for weeks. These are dudes that travel the country, go out when they want and hit the private plane to go to the next place.