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We Had Ourselves A Good Old Fashioned Brouhaha Between Two Girls, Their Moms, And Their Dogs

I know that a fight like this may seem low brow and uncouth to some people and the last thing I would ever want to do is make Barstool Sports seem unrefined. But this video was as close to a real life wrestling brawl as you will ever see. The mom bursting through her front door like Stone Cold Steve Austin, the chick in the red shirt acting like the referee, and each member of each family right down to the family pooch pairing off against their respective opponent from the rival wrestling stable. It was like DX vs. The Corporation all over again with the only thing missing being the bell ringing to try to establish order in the chaos. The only bummer about this video is that people like this actually exist in real life. But without them, the #content game wouldn't be nearly as fun. So thank you to all the angry moms and their angrier daughters with thigh tattoos.