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Paul Finebaum Says If There Is a College Football Season, It Won't Start on Time

People who know things keep making worse statements by the day about the likelihood of college football and I, for one, am very much not here for it.

Paul Finebaum went on ESPN's Golic and Wingo this morning to discuss the potential season and did not sound incredibly optimistic about a season at all, let alone one which starts on time,

"If you go back to Memorial Day, I felt great," Finebaum said. "Not anymore."

It feels like there has been a pretty dramatic shift just in the last week or so with the decision makers in college football as teams have suffered outbreaks and spikes have occurred across the country. Just yesterday, the SEC indefinitely postponed its annual Media Days event — which was already going to be virtual — and the Ivy League announced it was seriously considering a spring football season.

I was always supremely confident that no matter what other conferences did, the SEC would figure out a way to play football come Hell or high water. But that no longer appears to be the case. There are people like Tennessee athletic director Phillip Fulmer who keep peddling the idea that if everybody just wears a mask, we'll have 100,000 people in Neyland Stadium in September, but that appears out of the question to the realists.

"I don't even know what the best-case scenario I could give you right now is," Finebaum said. "I do believe that if there is a season, it won't start on time. And I'm beginning to seriously question whether there will be a season or not."

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