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Wake Up With MLB Stars Showing Off Their Rocket Arms In The Field

Time to focus on some defense here, the video shows mostly outfield assists, but we also get a touch of some infield cannons too. Watching an outfield assist develop is like a tidal wave, you can see it coming and you just sit back and watch what happens. It's so damn exciting to see the fielder get the ball clean, come up firing and then you're trying to figure out if runner is going to beat the throw or not. A few years back when catchers would get railroaded every time was almost must watch when there was a play at the plate, and then Buster Posey got his leg snapped like a popsicle stick. You've got the usual suspects in this video, Aaron Judge, Yasiel Puig, Mookie Betts, Alex Gordon, Javy Baez and they've got some cannons on their shoulders. Easily my favorite one is Ramon Laureano with his insane arm out there. I believe Dallas is on the call too and he's basically shrieking the whole time. Laureano pound for pound probably has the best arm in baseball, and we get to see it in under a month. Give me people getting gunned from the outfield.