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Do Yourself A Favor And Watch 'Eddie' - The Best College Hoops Documentary In Years

I know sports documentaries are all the rage right now. It's what happens when there's limited sports going on. For the most part, they've missed completely. Even The Last Dance to a degree wasn't as in depth or as 'new' as a lot of people thought. With that in mind, this did not miss. I can't recommend it enough. Watch 'Eddie' - a doc produced by an independent company all about Eddie Sutton, perhaps the most fascinating guy in college hoops. 

He's one of the best to do it, with stops at Creighton, Arkansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma State and finished at San Francisco. Not only that, he won at every single stop. The guy finished with over 800 wins - a record of 806-326. He was the two time AP National Coach of the Year and really built Arkansas into the program it was for Nolan Richardson to eventually win a title at. 

But what made this doc good - besides the topic of Eddie Sutton - is it didn't back down from anything. The opening scene was the recording of a 911 call when Eddie Sutton got a DUI while coaching at Oklahoma State. It also set the scene of Sutton's career. A consistent rise and fall, the ups and downs of life. He had success at Creighton and parlayed that into the Arkansas job where he became a household name. He knew how to market, he knew how to recruit, he knew how to win. 

That's why he ended up at Kentucky where really the first 'rise and fall' happens for him. He battled alcohol problems at Kentucky as talked about by everyone involved in the doc. He was head coach when Dwane Casey (yep, that Dwane Casey) allegedly sent $1,000 cash in an envelope to Chris Mills' father. The NCAA deemed that penalty so egregious they considered the death penalty before hitting UK with a 2-year postseason ban and a bunch of other shit. It ultimately led to a split at the school and Sutton resigning before he got fired.

They touch on everything though - including the Oklahoma State plane crash disaster that killed 10 people including 2 players in 2001. 

But we finally get a documentary that didn't shy away from stuff. We had his family talking about how hard he was to deal with during the drinking episodes yet how awesome he was. I can't stress it enough, go find it out there and watch it whenever you can. 

PS: Doing a coach's show from a hot tub is so goddamn cool