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The Guy Who Played Stanley On "The Office" Launched A Kickstarter To Get A Show Called Uncle Stan Created

Get that paper Leslie! Stanley! I couldn't imagine being one of the actors sucking on the sweet sweet money teet of The Office before getting it taken away. Trying to find another show nearly as successful or being able to establish yourself as anything but your character from The Office is next to impossible since the only person I see as not their Office character is Steve Carrell, no matter how jacked or successful Jim Halpert becomes.

Which is why I love what Stanley The Manley is doing here. Is Uncle Stan technically Stanley Hudson of Dunder Mifflin? Maybe, maybe not, maybe fuck yourself. But every single person is going to call him Stanley no matter what show he is on, so why not steer into the skid and ask for some Stanley Nickels to start his own spinoff that may or may not be a spinoff? No Office character did a better job wearing the scars of decades in the cubes like Stanley. 

Giphy Images.

Dead eyes? CHECK

Broken spirit? CHECK

Looking forward to just the smallest victory? CHECK (Pretzel Day)

Occasional angry outbursts?


I'm not sure what the plans for Uncle Stan are exactly. But they better include the occasional visit from his old work friends like Creed the psychopath, Meredith the alcoholic floozie, and Kevin the slow speaking simpleton that may or may not spill an entire pot of chili on Uncle Stan's rug since Netflix and TBS residuals only go so far for people not at the top of The Office org chart.