Kanye Debuts New Track Featuring Travis Scott, Mixed By Dr. Dre, Capping A Week Full Of Big Announcements.

Produced by Kanye West, BoogzDaBeast, and Ronny J. 

Co-Produced by FnZ.

Additional Production by Dem Jointz.

Mixed by Dr. Dre

More weird Yeezus shit from Kanye for the stans to fawn over while the rest of us continue to scratch our heads. On the song, Kanye lays into the American prison system and harps on the death penalty going against the Sixth Commandment, “Thou shalt not kill.”

The new track, set to feature on an album titled God’s Country, was mentioned in Kanye’s April 2020 interview with GQ’s Will Welch. The writer described all of the music he heard from the record as “worship songs.”

Asked about the record’s content, West said, “I was thinking of not rapping again, because I rapped for the devil so long that I didn’t even know how to rap for God. Then one of my pastors told me, ‘My son just said that he would want a rap album about Jesus from Kanye West.’ He didn’t say, ‘Kanye West, you should do this,’ or ‘you need to do this.’ He just told me something that a child said. And that one thing made the difference.”

This record release is just one of many waves Kanye made over the past week. 

He announced everything under a return to social media and a campaign titled "West Day Ever", a play on the late great Mac Miller's "Best Day Ever." 

For starters, he's launching a 10-year partnership with The Gap

This is ironic because he has essentially come full circle. Working at the clothing store 20 years ago, then rapping about the experience on his debut album The College Dropout (one of the greatest albums of all time) on the song "Spaceship", and now inking a deal worth who knows how many hundreds of millions with the brand.

He also finally released the official music video for "Spaceship."

If my manager insults me again
I will be assaulting him
After I fuck the manager up
Then, I'm gonna shorten the register up
Let's go back, back to the Gap
Look at my check—wasn't no scratch
So if I stole, wasn't my fault
Yeah, I stole—never got caught
They take me to the back and pat me
Asking me about some khakis
But let some Black people walk in
I bet you they show off their token blackie
Oh, now they love Kanye
"Let's put him all in the front of the store"
So I'm on break
Next to the "No Smoking" sign with a blunt in the mall
Taking my hits, writing my hits
Writing my rhymes, playing my mind
This fucking job can't help him
So I quit; y'all welcome
Y'all don't know my struggle
Y'all can't match my hustle
You can't catch my hustle
You can't fathom my love, dude
Lock yourself in a room
Doing five beats a day for three summers
That's A Different World like Cree Summer's
I deserve to do these numbers
"The kid that made that deserves that Maybach!"
So many records in my basement
I'm just waitin' on my spaceship, blaow!

I've been working this grave-shift
And I ain't made shit
I wish I could buy me a spaceship and fly
Past the sky, oh
I've been working this grave-shift
And I ain't made shit
I wish I could buy me a spaceship and fly
Past the sky
Tryna tell you, man, way past the sky
Oh, oh (Let's go, ugh)

The deal is important because it's always been a life goal of Kanye to work with the company. He made it known that he wanted to become "the Steve Jobs of The Gap" back in 2015. He has voiced a desire to produce clothing for the masses that is affordable and stylish. (Let's hope it doesn't come with holes in them and retail for $300+). The line will be called "Yeezy Gap."

Late last week Kanye also announced he's teaming up with Kid Cudi to officially launch their animated show Kids See Ghosts, based on the duo's album by the same name.


He also dropped one of the worst looking creations for feet of all time. The "Yeezy Runner"

All in all a pretty standard week for Mr. West. 

Now that he's back on twitter we can all expect a steady barrage of sales pitches and outlandishness to grab attention and headlines. Not many do it better.

p.s. - I miss the old Kanye