The Orlando Bubble Is Reportedly Costing The NBA $1.5 Million Dollars A Day To Run

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So there was a little confusion on NBA Twitter this afternoon when this tweet surfaced

Twitter pretty much erupted with everyone not really understanding how that could be possible. Just search "windhorst" and you'll get the gist. A number that sounded so outrageous it almost broke your brain trying to make sense of it. But then you remember this is Windy so maybe he actually did throw that number out. I didn't see this live but after doing a little digging Windy really said 150 million TOTAL, and $1.5 million a day

Listen, even at 1.5, that's still pretty damn expensive. It's interesting because Adam Silver continues to try and come off like finances aren't really a driving factor for this return

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We all know the deal. The NBA is in the business of making money. Period. Sure the relief sports can give is true and the platform they have to bring awareness to social issues is real, but this is about the bottom line. Let's say it does cost $150M over the duration of this bubble experiment. Something tells me the league isn't going to go bankrupt over it. In fact would it shock anyone if they actually made money? Every day this pandemic seems to get worse and worse with more players testing positive and yet we are plowing forward because money talks. Health risks be damned. 

So while it would have been hilarious if Windy went on TV and actually tried to convince us that the league was spending 150M a day or a total of 11.2B for around 100 days of basketball, the reality of what he said makes a lot more sense. You can understand why the league shot down the idea of the eliminated 8 teams having some sort of tournament/practice and frankly I'm with Pierce. Nobody wants to watch that shit and if anything it just increases the risk of coronavirus spreading even more.