It Is My Understanding That Manchester City Is Giving Liverpool A Championship Parade In Their Own Stadium And That Disgusts Me

It will be Liverpool's first game since their 30-year wait for a league title was ended after City lost at Chelsea.

"We are going to do the guard of honour of course," said City boss Guardiola.

"We will greet Liverpool, when they come to our house, in an incredible way. We are going to do it because they deserve it."

Meanwhile, Guardiola has again refused to say whether he will be willing to extend his City contract when it expires in 2021.

A team, who is great in their own right and presumably rivals with the current champion is going to honor the new champion by giving them something called a "Guard of Honour" in their own stadium. As if to thank them for kicking everyone's teeth in all year long

I enjoy soccer. I watch it in the mornings until real sports start in America. This though, this...I can't abide it. It's something I will never understand. Liverpool has been partying non-stop for the last week. That is all well and good. Congrats to them. You know where they don't need to be celebrated? In the face of the guys who hate them the most, or at least close to the most. It's disgusting. I feel like a man in a new country. I am trying hard not to be an ugly American just judging another people's traditions.  When I hear that a rival team is going to stand their and let a rival drag their nuts all over their home field I feel like soccer people are handing me a plate of chilled monkey brains and I am supposed to just act like it is some sort of delicacy and not the most vile and disgusting thing I have ever heard. I am DISGUSTED by this level of sportsmanship. It's abhorrent. Have one ounce of competitive fire. I mean imagine this happening in the United States. It'd be impossible. I think of what happens in America when people try to drag their nuts on a rival's sacred ground...

TO got obliterated. Harvey Updyke went to fucking jail. Man City is sitting there saying , please sir may I have another as Liverpool's championship parade runs right into Ethiad Stadium. I'd rather have Man City hooligans try to fight them and cause a riot than have them effectively hang a championship banner for a different team in their own stadium. 

It's moments like these that make me glad I was born in America. We have true rivalries, a smidge of fake sportsmanship, and playoffs. This should be the message sending part of the schedule. Liverpools rolls into Ethiad and Man City should be in their ear all 90 minutes saying hey…we will see you pussies in the playoffs. Enjoy your regular season trophy. Real shit happens in a few weeks. Instead, they kneel and kiss their ring. Pathetic. 

PS: My EPL playoffs blog from last year. Soccer people hated it, I don't care. I am right. They are wrong.