Urban Meyer Simply Can't Comprehend Why Tim Tebow Isn't In The NFL

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NFL – NFL training camps are in full bloom and Tim Tebow is still waiting for a team to call him. He’s going on a year of being out of the league, and Urban Meyer says he doesn’t understand why that’s the case for the QB he coached to stardom at Florida. “I still don’t get that part of it,” Meyer said Tuesday at Big Ten Media Days. “He’s the second-most efficient passer ever to play college football.” At last check, Tebow was training in preparation for another NFL chance, although it appears he’ll begin his broadcasting career with the SEC Network next month without NFL interruption. Meyer said he talks with Tebow once in a while and that his spirits remain high. Tebow won a Heisman Trophy and two BCS championships under Meyer with the Gators, but his NFL career fizzled after he was traded from the Broncos to the Jets after the 2011 season, the best of his three NFL seasons. He spent training camp last year with the Patriots, but was cut before the season. However, Meyer still thinks Tebow could find success in the NFL in the right system. “He had really good personnel around him (at Florida) and we utilized his skill very well,” Meyer said. “I think in a traditional setting, it is difficult, but there’s a lot of non-traditional offenses now in the NFL.” As for what NFL teams might be the perfect Tebow fit, Meyer said he doesn’t “get in people’s business.” He does, however, wish Tebow the very best and is holding out hope that he gets another NFL opportunity. “He’ll be successful in whatever he does, but he’s such a good player,” Meyer said. “I just wish it would work out for him.”



I feel ya Urby. I think we all feel that same way about some of our hopes and dreams. I simply don’t get why I’m not in the NBA. Sure I can’t shoot, can’t rebound, have a negative inch vertical, understand how a 401k works, and have zero tattoos, but I still am unsure why my phone isn’t ringing off the hook from NBA GMs. Come on Urbs. We can’t all be pimps from Oakland or cowboys from Arizona. Tim Tebow isn’t in the NFL for the simple fact that he’s awful. Timmy’s throwing motion is as if he was never coached to do anything besides roll out of the pocket or do jump-passes all through his NFL career. Maybe Urban Meyer should be more disappointed in his college coach for not better preparing him for the league.