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SEC Media Days Postponed Indefinitely as College Football Worries Worsen

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Well that is decidedly not great. SEC Media Days will no longer take place virtually as scheduled from July 13-16.

I wrote just this morning about the Ivy League discussing moving its football season to the spring as fears have worsened around the country about the feasibility of having college football go on as planned this fall. Now the Southeastern Conference seems to be having its own doubts.

I don't want to jump to any rash conclusions over the postponement of an event which had already been altered to a virtual format. With that said, however, it is precisely the fact that SEC Media Days were already going to be virtual which makes this news a little worse, in my opinion.

This reads to me like the SEC knows it likely has the next two to three weeks before a concrete decision has to be made regarding the season and it does not want to hold its premier preseason event before that decision has been made.

Now maybe everything will be fine and we'll have Alabama—USC, Georgia—Virginia and Tennessee—Oklahoma in the first couple weeks of the season and then get into conference play and the season will go off without a hitch. But something about the timing of this announcement just doesn't feel good to me.

I hope I'm wrong. But in the last week or so, it feels like there has been a pretty sizable shift in the optimism of college football in 2020.