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Which Scorsese Movies Would You Delete FOREVER?

ICYMI here are the results from the Spielberg poll yesterday:

And now, once again, I am asking you to do the impossible. Here are my picks:

Column A: As always, column A is the hardest trial of them all. I think the decision is rather easy only because 'Goodfellas' is not only the best movie of Scorsese's career, but arguably the best movie ever made. While I don't think The Departed is in that same GOD tier, it's maybe the best movie of the 2000-2010. The Wolf of Wall street is amazing and has what is probably Leo's best performance ever, but it's just not in the same conversation for me. 

Column B: If it wasn't for DDL's performance, this pick would easily go to Gangs of New York. But I just can't imagine never seeing the Butcher, so I gotta go with Shutter Island. 

Column C: Taxi Driver and Raging Bull are 2 of the better movies ever made, and I just don't hold Cape Fear in the same regard. 

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